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Dog Walking


I understand that nowadays with longer working hours/ family commitments etc. you need to leave your dog home alone for a while, this is where I can help. I will take him/her out in a small group or on his/her own and ensure that they have a good, fun filled, walk so that when you return home they will be exercised, happy and contented.


I only walk dogs in small groups with dogs of a similar height so that smaller dogs are not knocked over or frightened by larger ones. I am insured to take 6 dogs but have chosen to keep the walks to a maximum of 4 so that they can receive the individual attention they deserve on their walk. Dogs are walked in the countryside on varied, safe routes.  They will be kept on their lead until we are safely away from any roads then, with your permission, they will be let off the lead.


During the walk they are given the opportunity to play with toys (if allowed), run free with the other dogs and receive some basic training and games for mental stimulation. They will be put back on their leads before we get anywhere near the road. Their safety is very important to me.


Walks will last for at least the agreed time, travel time is in addition to the walk time. During the walk I scoop all poop and dispose of it in a responsible manner.

Your dog will be towel dried in wet weather and on returning home I will refresh its water bowl, feed if required and leave them with a farewell treat (if allowed),.


I have 2 group walks each day Monday to Friday and am happy to also do 1 to 1 walks for dogs that prefer their own company or require my individual attention.


Shorter walks are available for elderly or injured dogs or if you have any other requirements for your dog please contact me to discuss your needs.  


I would ask that all dogs are vaccinated and wear a secure collar with an ID tag.
















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