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Parson Russell Terriers


I have 4 Parson Russell Terriers that I show and compete in agility with. They are great dogs with huge personalities that love running about on their walks but are also very happy lying by the fire.


I got my first PRT, Sparky, as I needed a new dog to compete in agility with and I wanted a smaller dog. I used to have a Jack Russell years ago but I liked the Parson Russell’s longer legs.


18 months later Fizz came along. She was looking for a new home, I’d seen her as a puppy and couldn’t resist her.


Then in September 2011 I ventured into breeding and Fizz had a litter of 5 pups with

Ch Alncroft Blackthorn (Brody). She had 4 boys and 1 girl , I kept the girl - Breagh.

The boys have all gone to lovely pet homes all over the UK.


In August 2012 Kate Smith (Alncroft Kennel) emailed me a photo of a pup she had who was Breagh’s half sister and I couldn’t resist so a few days later Lexie arrived.  


























The professional photos of Sparky, Fizz and Breagh were all taken by Louise Davis - see links.


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